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July 22, 2013
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AQ: K i t o by takarayume AQ: K i t o by takarayume

:iconaquabia: Thanks so much for the invite-- Q A Q

♔ || Name ||
Haidar Kito

♔ || Age ||
??? / Looks around 19-20 though

♔ || Gender ||

♔ || Height ||

♔ || Class ||
Nobles - Priest

♔ || Kingdom ||

♔ || Marine type || 
Red lionfish

♔ || Personality ||
Self-centered | Cunning | Condescending | Sassy | Perceptive | somehow Charismatic | Superficial | Basically a super S

These are all pretty self-explanatory, Kito is a big jerk. Welp, to people who knows him quite well anyways, though to others who
are simply viewing them interacting in a distance, it seems that they are on good terms or maybe even 'old friends' but that is not the case.
If one was closer to hear the conversation, he would be smirking in that condescending way of his and irritate his companion as much as possible
till they lose their composure and pretend to be all innocent. He isn't all too liked because of this.

Self-centered in the way that is almost narcissistic but he isn't blind to his surroundings and is unnaturally perceptive, making him a person hard to lie to and kind of an enigma to others in a way. Always carrying a composed demeanor and an easy on the eyes looks, his very appearance makes him quite popular with women and then some. He acts nice and polite to those who give offerings, thus giving him the image of the perfect priest. Kind, gentle, composed with a delicate appearance. Too bad even all that is a lie...

Kito is quite materialistic, a bit on the vain side and believes that to have more gold and things than others means you are of higher rank than them, this way of thinking has been incorporated as he was a child and he never broke the habit even as he got older and knew better.So it isn't odd to find lots of weird junk in his room all piled up, surprisingly, they don't collect dust as he gets someone to clean them everyday.

His marine form is particularly dangerous, his scales are quite toxic but instead of going head on in a battle, he prefers to use tactics like luring the enemies with his form before shooting out poison from his fins. However, he rarely leaves his shrine, so most of the time he is found lounging about in there. Kito only ever goes out when it is something 'considered' important, or direct orders from the Sultan.

He's a lot more playful and daring in his marine form. Also territorial in a way.

Pretty casual with everyone that doesn't know of his past life though such as the villagers, etc.

♔ || History ||

Kito's history had been a popular talk awhile back, it changed every time, getting wilder and weirder based on how the person telling it and how they viewed him, spreading obviously fake rumors of what his life may have been, though only catching snippets of the truth whilst eavesdropping, and making it seem more extra-ordinary than what it really is. It had been what you would call, a past time of them, to gossip and whatnot but it was also his fault for not doing anything to put a stop to it.

"Let the people assume what it is, it is none of my concern." He would simply say with a casual flick of the wrist, and his servants would be

It's not like his past was a secret or something grand, Kito actually lived a pretty normal life, as normal as having two noble parents were anyways, but it was a good life. No one has ever heard of his childhood though as he'd simply claim that he lived a normal above average life, with two noble parents and being the only son and simply end the conversation there. Kito was simply asked to take over as the new priest ever since a distant relative of his who had long worked there passed away. Let's just assume he had gotten tired of living such a mundane life that the idiot actually agreed and took up the responsibility...since he didn't bother even explaining the reason, he just showed up and asked where he was to put his clothes and if his room had a large window..

Now before you jump to conclusions, Kito does take his job seriously and loves his Kingdom to a fault and would never betray the higher ups, he provides masses and forgiving the sinful if they deserve it. It's just that his personality outside of his profession is so bad, that others who work with him just assume he isn't cut out or the job. Being a self-centered, douche and all...

Much of his life still piques the interest of most, if only out of curiosity, but some knew to leave it be.

The rest is, as they would all say, history.

♔ || Additional Info ||

♔-The scarf is used to cover his mouth when braving the sandstorms in Tajar when making a trip.
♔-The shrine is his sanctuary and he prefers no outsiders enter it.
♔-Has this thing for collecting odd trinkets, he doesn't have any use for them but he just tends to like keeping them about his room.
♔-His name means Lion Jewel. There has been a lot of jokes with people calling him odd pet names, such as Little Red, Ruby or Kitten.
♔-It pisses him off every time no matter how nonchalant he acts.
♔-Has a soft-spot for beautiful long-haired people.
♔-Many have been fooled for his calm and composed demeanor and his 'kind' smile, but people who has worked with him know better. Such as the other priests.
♔- The venom from his fins could also serve as a cure to other poisons or ailments similar to it. Like a counter-drug, thus canceling out the effects of the first ailment. Thus his side-job is a healer of sorts.
♔-Has a different outfit for when he leaves the Kingdom to seem less inconspicuous.
♔-Prefers to walk with bare feet since his feet are sensitive to material such as shoes.
♔-Also his erogenous zone--//slapped
♔- Rare for him to leave or show himself in public without any sort of ornament on.
♔- His skin is supposed to be a light tan, but taka's coloring skills suck. :I
♔-Hates any kind of starfish with a passion of a thousand suns//killed

♔ || Voice ||

Yuuto Sample

♔ || Relationships ||

Fahd Haidar : Deceased distant relative, mother's side.


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