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T.C: Sinn by takarayume T.C: Sinn by takarayume
For (Γㅎ-ㅎ)Γ:iconblacksparklesplz::icontatakai-club::iconblacksparklesplz: Σ(▼□▼メ)

Ahaha about 4th to the last of the app spam I swear//:iconpapmingplz: and warning for the walls of derp once more...


» Name: Sinn Nightshroud


» Nickname/Codename: Sinn | Checkers | Akashi's dog / Garmr


» Path: Wherever Akashi-kun is in Neutral (゜-゜)

» Gender: Male

» Age: 17

» Height: 5'7

» Species: Human?

» Personality: ヾ(´¬`)ノ

To put it simply, he is the lazy type, uncooperative at first but is easy to bribe with sweets, also it is quite easy to persuade him or find a compromise. Despite looking mature? He is also somewhat childish, he could also be quiet and has high respect to Akashi oftentimesfollowinghimaroundlikealoyaldog with the latter not usually knowing this. There has been instances wherein he is mistaken as Akashi-kun's stalker because of this when he really is just a slightly over-protective bodyguard. Seeming to be apathetic, he is rather easy to provoke.

He enjoys randomly teasing others then starting a fight he'd know he'd win, simply because fighting off stronger ones are a bother; that and he believes no one can beat him. exceptmaybeAkashi.//slapped

Perhaps just a teeny tiny bit obssessive over his leader...

It's a bit worrisome for the other members...

Nonetheless, Sinn is an easy to get along with guy, he is lazyasfuck laid-back, doesn'tgiveashitifyou'redying Carefree and wouldhugyouifyougivehimcandy affectionate when he wants to be.


» Abilities/Powers: None in particular, unless you count being able to pacify any attack with his bare hands or arms. Is basically like a human shield for he has an amazing defense to pressure even the most skilled fighters.

Other abilities include being able to climb houses quickly, to blend well in the shadows and has a good reflexes. His sense of smell is really good too. Very much like a cat and dog combined//slapped.

» Weapon(s)/Fighting Style: He isn't much on the offensive and is more of the defensive type, a guard of sorts and is good at blocking attacks or accepting damage without it being very fatal. He has fast reflexes despite appearing almost sleepy or is lazy most of the time and has high stamina. Sinn has no weapons but has the resourcefulness to be able to use anything as a weapon. Particularly fond of guns.

Problem is if the enemy is considered too weak or boring, he would lose interest immediately and may abandon the fight half-way. Also very easily distracted. His will to engage in a fight is presumably low unless ordered to.



'Syn.N' was something the scientists called the serum they diagnosed to him or Synthetic Nitro-shroud Serum.

He enrolled as a transfer student at the age of 16 in middle school. Sinn was a fast learner and it proved really helpful as he was accelerated to Highschool in 1 year. He is currently a Freshmen in a public university. Where he got the money or any details needed to apply was remained unknown and classified.

Sinn came to know Tatakai club from one of the resident rebels in his school apparently claiming they know one of the elites in person, or so the rumors say. It seemed such a popular talk around his school though he wasn't particular in fighting so it never interested him. Even so, the rebels would constantly ask him to fight with them and he would do so, only stopping when he got bored. Eventually, he decided to just defend until they tired out before attacking, seeing it was a waste of energy having to move too much...

It was thanks to these scraps that he was able to polish this skill of being able to defend no matter what, without feeling the brunt of the pain at all. Eventually he defeated countless of guys who were probably at the expert level and the last guyhe had managed to defeat commended his skills and he was told that he was really good that he should try join Tatakai, and never being praised before, Sinn enlisted the next day.
It was no surprise he was accepted almost immediately for his weird yet helpful ability.

At first he found it boring, but then one of the members? gave him candy~ so it was ok.


» History:

"Let's play a game, okay?"

"B-but dad..."

"Shhh don't cry son, shhh, it's gonna be ok..."

"I d-don't want you to leave me...I-I'm scared of the dark..."

"I'm not gonna leave you son, daddy just has to go check on some things for a bit...anyways the game is to stay here and keep quiet till all the noises stop. But even so, you have to promise me that you'll stay here till I come and get you, okay?"


"Promise me..."

"O-ok dad, I promise..."

A kiss on his forehead.

"That's a good boy, wait here and don't come out unless it is my voice you hear..."


"You can start counting to one-hundred now..."


A sad smile from his dad.

He never understood how broken the man's gaze was.

How he despaired in being so helpless...

That this was goodbye...

He wiped the tears from his child's eyes.

"I'll be back soon."

And the basement door was sealed and shut tight.

The child was then shrouded with darkness, save for the dim candlelight on the wall.

The child simply held his stuff bear tightly and began counting...





Almost immediately, gunshots had rang out from above, the child simply closes his eyes tighter and continued as the yells grew louder and louder.


There was a clunking sound on the floorboards above, as if someone was walking on it.

They, whoever they were, seemed to be checking for any hidden doors and the boy fumbled with the next words in fear.

He knew they weren't his dad.

There were a lot of footsteps.

Tears had begun to prickle the corner of his eyes and he clung to his stuffed bear as if it were a lifeline.


It was a while, but eventually the noises faded before dying completely.

Never had the child felt so alone.

There wasn't a clock to tell the time with so he had no idea how much time had passed whilst he sat there counting.
By that time too, he had already finished all the way to a hundred, a nearly impossible feat for his age but he had done it.

And so, he waited and he waited, and he waited.

The scary shadows simply teasing along the sides of the walls, as if they were demons wanting to eat him.

His dad never came back...


He recalled almost starving to death as he waited, impatient but scared.

Until there were sounds of footsteps once more and the child found himself holding his breath.
Judging from the sound, there had to be at least 2 people.
The child closed his eyes again in fear.
Maybe...he was just hallucinating...?

"Hey, I think..there's a door here..."

"Well open it."

"I don't know. it's jammed pretty tight, all the rubble are getting in the way too.."

Just what had happened while he was down here...?

"Yeah, no duh. After the terrorist attacks and bombings, it's no surprise that this place, no, the whole town is a dump."

The..whole town..?



"It's probably just a basement, I doubt anything valuable would be down there..."


Don't..leave me..

I don't want to be alone again...

"Well--open it still."

"Tch, stingy, Anyone down there? Gah, it's been three months, I doubt anyone can--"

Unable to quench the fear of staying down here alone any longer, with no food or source of light and just small amounts of water, the child found himself breaking his promise and calling out.


"Shi--There's somebody down there!"

"Then hurry up and open it you idiot!---Hey, hang on--we're gonna get ya out, but ya have to step back from the door, okay?"

"O-okay..." The child listened obediently and went to the corner farthest from the door.

"Cover your ears"

The child did as he was told.

Then there was a small explosion and before long, light had flooded the dark room.
He spent the rest of his childhood at the orphanage.

The place wasn't so bad, and he was actually starting to like it there, when they came.

They were a nice-looking couple, saying the had always wanted a child after the woman had suffered a miscarriage.
The child didn't know why but for some reason, he was picked and thus adopted.

With reluctant goodbyes and a heavy heart he followed the couple into their nice car and to his new home.

On the car ride back, little did he know the hell that awaited him.

Only being kept in a dark room, it was like dejavu all over. It was only he was graced with the light whenever he was in that bleach white room.
Day after day, injections or new wirings would be attached to his person for yet another unsatisfying experiment. The couple, were not a nice at all nor were together. They were 'dedicated' scientists who were hell bent on creating the perfect "human" and had used adopting as another means of using parent-less children as their guinea pigs.

The child soon forgot his own name, how to decide or even think for himself.

He was told over and over again how fortunate he was for still being kept alive.

But to him it was his unluckiness that he was still breathing.

Everyday was a torture and he was nothing more than a mindless puppet to them He was already broken and that's left was his shell.
It seemed that he was the first one to have ever survived most of the tests compared to the previous children as the samples seem to be compatible with his DNA or something like that, most of what they say were gibberish nonsense to a child. He did not care.

He was tired, barely fed and finally, he had snapped.

One day, when the two scientists were preoccupied with the results, having let their guard down just a moment from the child seated at the medical table, it was the only moment he needed to act. The time his eyes landed on the needle next to him was the time the two scientists met their demise. And before long, his hands were stained red.

It was 5 years before he finally got the taste of fresh air and the feeling of the sun beating down on his blood-stained face.
For the first time in 5 years, the child left the accursed building, not knowing where his bare feet would take him.
The child later acquired an alias.

It was Sinn Nightshroud.


» Likes: [✓]
-Sweets~ (Lollipops mostly)
-Akashi-kun~ ★
-Following Akashi-kun around~ ヾ( ̄ー ̄)X(^∇^)ゞ
-Following Akashi-kun's orders~
-Eating more sweets~
-Interesting things I guess...
-Night time
-Shadow plays
-Checkered clothes~
-Getting praised by Akashi-kun~
-Ehh? I mention Akashi-kun too much..? (゜-゜)

» Dislikes: [x]
-Moving too much
-Riding cars or public transportation
-Using too much energy
-Getting too much blood on his clothes, face or hair.
-Getting scolded...
-Having to explain things...
-Anyone Akashi-kun hates
-Anyone who insults his precious Bossun
-No rewards
-Letting others see his blind eye
-Disappointing Akashi-kun
-No sweets
-Having to visit the dentist...
-The dentist...
-Weak opponents
-Boring fights...
-Not seeing Akashi-kun...

»Additional Information:

☆-Usually ties/pins his bangs up with all sorts of hair accessories since they get in the way during a fight.
★-Aside from that, most of the time, his hair is let down and messy. The head shot to the right is when his hair is properly combed.
☆-Is Actually really smart.
★-Too bad he pretends he isn't.
☆-Give him sweets and he will love you forever.
★-Hates dogs and cats, despite acting like one and owning a cat hoodie.//slapped
☆-He can switch from a loyal, doting dog, to a vicious wolf afterwards. Beware.
★-Has a lot of scars on his torso, so he just cover them up with bandages.
☆-His left eye is actually blind, so he covers it up.
★-If he were to have any of the seven deadly sins, it would be sloth and maybe even gluttony too.
☆-His hair is a salmon orange with a blue-ish purple highlight at the tips. It is unknown if it is natural.
★-Has motion sickness, so he prefers walking.
☆-Has worked in various part-time jobs, thus making him pick up n a lot of things, such as being able to sew and other odd things.
★-He also gets fired after a few days...Not because he's incompetent, he learns really fast, it's just he gets bored with it after awhile and sleeps on the job instead.
☆-Takes afternoon naps.
★-Dislikes staying in just one place, thus he can be found taking a nap in different locations.
☆-Can be considered flighty and irresponsible.
★-Perhaps, has an Akashi-kun-complex//slapped


» Stats: 21

Attack: His attack is usually at that level since he is too lazy to take the offensive. If he does /somehow/ get into fighting which takes a miracle or Akashi-kun ordering so It increases from 3 stars to 6 stars, meaning his attack doubles. Note this only happens once in a long time cuz he is one lazy ----.

Defense: Of course this is the one where Sinn specializes in, and as mentioned before, he is like an impenetrable shield. He lowers the enemies morale first with the pressure of immobility or waits for their stamina to run out before attacking. He is able to just absorb blows without breaking a sweat.

Speed: Sinn's speed is also one of his best features, same with reflexes, he needs to be fast in order to catch the incoming attacks, so speed and defense are his greatest strengths.

Skill: His skills are simply average are best, he is a quick-learner how-ever and would find way to outsmart the opponent once they let their guard down or underestimate him. He is quick to adapt to the movements of his opponents too, however he remains apathetic to this and just waits for them to attack first. As you know, his special skill is being a great defense.

Will: It is the lowest out of all as he is simply too lazy to bother getting serious, his will to fight is originally just one star, however, it raises to 2 stars whenever ordered.

» Relationships: *If the real name has a strike, it means he hasn't learned your real name yet.

★Akashi-kun: Shiroyuki, Akashi: Akashi-kun..? Akashi-kun is the best. Akashi-kunAkashi-kunAkashi-kunAkashi-kunshshshshs

★Orenji-kun /Orange-kun/: Kusata, Aorenji: Ehh, Orenji-kun is okay I guess..? Dunno him too well though~

★Shirou-tan: Shirou, Aki: Shirou-tan is pretty quiet? Not much to say about Shirou-tan...

★Munchkin-kun: Tsukimi, Yoru: Dun like him, he made me drop my sweets and he's a pain...

★Pinky: Hikiko, Sakura: Annoying, spewing a buncha random crap. Insane, demented, delusional, stupid...? I could list a lot of things...

★Kitty: Radovan Weber: Another cat-person-thing. I never bothered to get to know Kitty too well since I was more focused on getting out to find Akashi-kun---...what? Akashi-kun is more important than kitties.

★Sei-kun: Hoshino, Seiryuu: Some kid I met in a mochi store. Kinda troublesome but he's okay.

★Cheesecake-kun: Jyvley, Judium: Thought Cheesecake-kun wanted to steal my sweets at first, but we just ended up going to some pastry store. Cheesecake-kun likes sweets, so he's ok.

★Yunyun: Soren, Yun: Yunyun is nice~ Yunyun helped me get home and even gave me sweets~ Though Akashi-kun is still the best~

★Toto-chan: Matsumoto, Kaisei: Hmnnn, he's a strange guy that Toto-chan. Thought he was a girl too at first cause his hair was sooo long.

★Mikkun: Vandaleene, Last: Like the name I gave him? It's short for milk-tea-kun~! Cause that's what he was whining on about when we first met~ He makes good sweets, but Akashi-kun's are better of course!

» Quotes:

"At least try to entertain me, even just a little is fine..."

"Ne, I did a good job today didn't I? Sweets now."

"If Akashi-kun says so..."

"I feel neglected...feed meeee..."

"Ehh, how troublesome...I don't waannaaa..."

"I'll be a wolf later, okay?"

Voice: Shamuon Sample
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