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UNLOCK: Seiryun, Towa by takarayume UNLOCK: Seiryun, Towa by takarayume
For :iconcolorfulsparklesplz::iconu-n-l-o-c-k::iconcolorfulsparklesplz:

Oh hey another app here :icongtthplz:


:bulletpink:★ Name: Seiryun, Towa
:bulletpink:★ Nickname: Towa | Yunyun |
:bulletpink:★ Age: 16 
:bulletpink: Gender: Fe Male
:bulletpink:★ Date of Birth: February 28 | Pisces ♓
:bulletpink:★ Height: 5'6
:bulletpink:★ Weight: 118 lbs
:bulletpink:★ Year: 2nd
:bulletpink:★ Nationality: Japanese
:bulletpink:★ Roommate / Housemate: Nekotani, Mitsuru :: a.k.a This cutie: 
UNLOCK: Nekotani Mitsuru by b0uquet 
:bulletpink:★ Club: Newspaper Club

:bulletpink:★ Personality:

Basically, Towa isn't as innocent as he seems. He is not childish and bubbly nor lackadaisical either. He is the enigmatic type of person and does not have a solid personality that can describe him. Like normal people, he can laugh, cry and get really angry when pushed, the latter hardly happening and no one has really seen him cry yet. He has joked around before and has a laid-back aura that makes others feel relaxed and at home with him. Towa is polite in speech but the things he usually says are blunt and straight to the point. The thing about Towa is that he could change his attitude depending on who he is dealing with, he could be charismatically evasive the first then nonchalantly sly the next. It's very hard to determine and often-times he'd been told that he had a case of multi-personality disorder which he would just give them a raised-brow look. 

TL; DR, he is mostly considered as an oddball by others who have met him.

:bulletpink: Likes / Dislikes:

-Games (anything interesting)
-Music (mostly upbeat and punk: It helps him stay awake)
-Large jackets/coats/hoodies/sweaters
-Making silly poses in front of the camera
-Military-related stuff

-Large bodies of water
-Someone talking too fast
-Irrational people
-People who stare at his right eye or removing his eye patch
-Judgmental douchebags
-His pink hair
-His cousin who is the cause of said pink hair.

:bulletpink:★ Biography:

Towa's version but in Normal POV: "Well, I have a pretty much normal background." Towa would often say when he is asked. He'd then start to explain vaguely of a few insignificant things and in vague ways as well. It was said back then, that there was more to Towa's story than what he actually perceives it to be. Or so his old classmates would say. Those were just the rumors anyways. When asked what his life was like, Towa would then simply reply with, "I don't know what to say." or "Average, maybe?" When asked of his family, he'd shrug and reply with, "I have 2 parents, a mom and a dad, also I am an only child." When asked to explain more in detail, he'd just shrug and get this slightly distant look before excusing himself or avoiding the topic completely.

He has average grades despite how he often misses his class to snooze, both in academic and physical education. Though he isn't too sporty nor one who is studious. He doesn't study enough actually and prefers to read manga or short novels. He can be seen reading children's picture books at times as well. He has fairly good memory, so he easily remembers those he encounters as well as when studying his classmates notes. So even if he doesn't study too much, he can still pass the class. Others tend to think that they should take care of him for as they would say, "He seems so helpless its pitiful," or sometimes even, "I can't just leave him to fend for himself--". But contrary to popular belief, he is more than capable of taking care of himself. He supposes it's a good thing that others are concerned anyways and does not bother to correct it.

Not much is known to him and simply rumors here and there on how he got into Seiyo Academy such as being disowned, though there were also others who said he claimed to have ran away from a strict household, and it's only a matter of chance in getting him to tell someone the whole story.

If there was any...

Full version in Towa's POV: He says this in monotone with slight sarcasm here and there

Seiryun, Towa. 

Which meant an everlasting skilled king.

A pretty extravagant name if you ask me. Pretty gaudy too. I don't know if my parents were on crack when they thought of it or if they were thinking at all.

I was neither of this. I was just a normal child with average looks and abilities. I didn't come from a rich background as some would expect, and neither from a trashy town like the rest would. I was just plain ol' me. Whoopie~ 

I was simply born from a normal mother and father, though mother leaving wasn't foreseen, somewhere in our hearts it was to be expected. My father had remarried a year or so later but left me to go live with my uncle. As a child I guess you could say, before mother left, I was whipped. Not literally, but more of if something was expected of me, it had to be done immediately, no questions asked. It was a rather strict household. I recall having this liking to playing the flute after hearing my grandma play it a few times and decided hey, why not? But not long later I had to stop since I had to focus on my studies which were dropping cause of how distracted I always was. Flute destroyed, and a book as a replacement, and with that kind of living, I had no say in the matter.

They complained a lot, my parents. Like, why didn't they have a daughter instead? Why didn't I work harder? Why wasn't I skilled at anything? Why wasn't I smart? Why didn't I listen? A bunch of those normal things everyone faced at some point. They had pretty high expectations of of me basically and I'm not gonna cry to you about that matter, I really couldn't care less. Hmm, I guess they just expected me to be a child prodigy or something, the one to bring them riches and whatnot? That didn't seem to work and they eventually got tired of arguing with me, a very one-sided one that is and began arguing with each other that it was their fault for not raising me properly.

One thing lead to another and mother had left. Simple as that. Father then remarried with some girl and left me to live with my uncle.

What else to say, hmmm...I guess uncle was related to a yakuza gang of sorts, serving under whoever, I didn't really care. I kinda just..existed...? Yeah. He did his deals while I...I just played video games most of the time. I went to school every now and then of course but it wasn't a priority then, living in that lax kind of atmosphere. Someone had been leaving with uncle at that time. A girl, supposedly his best friend, but I didn't care for the details, except for the fact that I had found my love for playing the flute again thanks to her, she liked to tease me a lot too, said she found me quite unsettling to be around with and told me to be more expressive about things, speak my mind, learn to be more caring and whatnot, she was kind of like the older sister I never had. My...egg...came to be at around that time.


One day a group of men in weird black attires, came through the front door, or broke in without much as a sound to be honest, while I stay there by the kitchen table staring at them blankly, wondering who they were. They stared at me with odd looks, not quite mad..but more of suspicious...

Uncle came in the kitchen at that time along with the girl. And suddenly, I felt the tension in the room increase. "Who is this~?" A blonde and the only girl had asked from the small group as the rest remained quiet. 

"My brother." "My cousin."

Both uncle and the girl had said respectively that had them both looking at each other.

The tension in the room seemed to grow and with a sigh, I stood up, gave a smile at the blonde. "It's Towa actually. Nice to meet you."

It was then I ended up hanging with those kind of people, had a bunch of gangster like clothes filling my closet, the more I hung out with them the more I felt myself slipping away. Uncle eventually noticed on how much I was skipping class and told me this kind of environment was no longer suitable for me. 'Oh, he's still feeling responsible for me, how surprising..' I thought at that time, since, that had been the most he had spoken to me ever since I had moved in.

It was then decided that I be moved to--yeah that's exactly how he worded it-- Seiton Islands and study at Seiyo Academy with the funds father left for me. And since I had nothing really going on here, I thought, not like I had a choice anyways and went here.

And yeah, that's pretty much it in a nutshell. Really boring, right?

Like I said, it's a pretty normal and plain childhood.

:bulletpink: Misc:

✿-He has also proven to be very observant and perceptive despite his laid-back demeanor.
✿-Thus he has been recruited by the newspaper club for these traits to get information, that are more often than not, accurate.
✿-He tends to appear out of nowhere, this having fallen asleep there at some point.
✿-He likes to take long naps and can do so anywhere but is mostly found in the clinic pretending to be sick.
✿-Also mistaken to have Narcolepsy. This has yet to be confirmed.

✿-He likes to listen to music a lot and teachers let him listen to it during class since he says he can focus better if he had it on.
✿-Kind of a Military-otaku and likes using bombs or grenades all the time in Online games.
✿-He can swim, but he won't like it. :I
✿-He often makes up nicknames to people he likes.
✿- He doesn't care about pleasing others either, thus is his usually messy appearance or the bad case of bed hair.

✿- Has a slight oral fixation, for when he was asked to just drink from a glass, he stated that he preferred the straw since he got to nibble at it.
✿- His right eye is blind, that's why he covers it with an eye patch to stop people from staring at it since it's uncomfortable.
✿-If you haven't realized, the one who he calls 'his cousin' is actually the girl in the bio. Her name was never disclosed. But she was the one responsible to why his hair is pink. She had done so so they looked more alike. Lying to the others that this was his original hair color.
✿-It was for his own safety of course, but the dye never wore off. His natural hair color is light brown.

:bulletpink:★ Quotes:

"I don't aim to help people...but if they come to me, I don't refuse them..."

"This is purely coincidental--I swear..."

:bulletpink:★ Voice: Ryo-kun


>Name: --

>Gender: --

>Would be Self: --

>Personality: --

>Likes/Dislikes: --

>Quote: --

>Voice: --

>Extra: --


Artist note: I am gomen... ; 7 ; I hope the bio is okay, since I wanted to not put everything about my character yet and wanted to keep his past 'mysterious' so I decided to include two versions~ ; v ; ))/ . Also his personality might be improved along the way. :iconteyuplz:

Don't be afraid to rp with him~ :iconuhuhuhuplz:
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